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Whether you are a Director-level RN or a Pharmacy Director, you have come to the right place. MCA, LLC is dedicated to helping healthcare and medical professionals identify the most advantageous healthcare positions, nationwide. While our focus is mainly in California at this time, we represent candidates throughout the United States.

Jamie E. RN, MSN

Director of Education

Reina Mohan has gotten me two administrative positions in hospitals, getting me top dollar salaries. She is always available for consultation no matter what time or day of the week. She listens to you and is extremely patient. Reina has given me leads knowing that there is no commission for her. There are very few recruiters who will do that. I have known and worked with Reina for over 10 years. Never in my career have I worked with such a professional, caring and personable person. 


Kathy T. RN, BSN

Director of Perioperative Services

If you are a manager looking for frontline staff or in management seeking new opportunities for yourself, Reina, at MCA Medical is truly the best. As a manager I’ve worked with Reina for over 10 years, and she is the one person I can continually count on to deliver the highest quality staff even in the most competitive of markets.  It’s evident that Reina’s ability to fill the position stems not only from a true understanding of the clients need, but also from a sincere desire to find best fit for all involved.  So when it was time for me to consider a new position for myself I turned to MCA Medical and to no surprise Reina delivered! 

Kathy T. RN, BSN

Denise B.

Director of ED

Mohan Consulting Agency made finding my next job easy and stress free. Reina had a strong understanding of what the client was looking for in a candidate and was able to match me with the perfect position and facility. She was always available and supported me throughout the interview and worked with me through the negotiation process  as well. She was able to close the deal and has stayed in touch with me to make sure everything is going well with my new job!